New IPES Website Debuts

The International Police Executive Symposium website is being rebooted to provide a vehicle for new and timely information to those in the global policing network.  Here you will find articles in many categories and topics that are important to police everywhere.

As the site grows, you will find short, highly-focused articles that drill down into the topic with precision.  No “fluff,” no advertising, just the latest and best information delivered in short, easy-to-read formats.  These categories and topics will expand with time, with our initial writing on such categories as Human Trafficking, Police Education and Training, and others.

On the subject of training and education, IPES will be offering online courses that are both self-paced and instructor-led, delivered entirely online.  Want the latest in border security?  Drug trafficking?  Ethics and Professionalism?  Making the transition from public safety service to private teaching?  These and more will be available.

So now is the time to register your email so that you can take advantage of this new approach to international policing with IPES.



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