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Many IPES associates are scholar practitioners, serving or having served in leadership roles in their respective disciplines. IPES is a leading provider of quality information to motivated professionals worldwide, and our reputation was earned by focusing on the success of our associates. That’s why we offer analysis and discussion that encourages deeper disciplinary information sharing and offer rich insights. In addition to hosting articles from amazing associates, we also welcome original articles from those who support the cause and mission of IPES.

Any and all wishing to submit original work for publication on the IPES website should adhere to the following submission guidelines:

  • Articles should be between 600 and 1000 words in length
    • Longer articles may be featured as a series and presented as several smaller articles
  • Articles MUST be accompanied by an “About the Author” paragraph
  • Voice is professional, but not academic or overly formal (more conversational)
  • Audience: Know your audience and write to them
  • Use hyperlinks to sources and notacademic citations
  • Active voice preferred over passive voice
  • Write using subheads to keep information organized
  • Use examples when possible to illustrate your points. Feel free to use your professional/career experience
  • Keep articles hyper-focused on a topic
  • Give “lessons learned” or a solution in your article (don’t just present information)

If you are interested in contributing to IPES, and you agree to the outlined items below, then please email the Director of Web Content at [email protected] with a topic, a writing sample, and a short bio.

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Qualification for Publishing

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