IPES to Introduce Online Learning

As part of the revamp of the IPES website and mission, we will be introducing online learning as a service to the global policing community.  While the information here is not a complete description of what we have in mind, it is here to give you an idea of what to expect.

We envision three distinct types of online learning.

  • Self-Paced Online Learning: In this method, you sign up any time and access the online classroom 24/7.  You will proceed through a system of modules and lessons that will provide you with pertinent information in a way that builds new information on existing information – leading you to a better understanding of the topic.  Quizzes and a final exam will verify that learning has taken place, and you will be awarded a certificate of completion.
  • Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars: Here you will get online at a certain time when a live instructor will engage in a discussion of the topic with visuals, comments from students and other interactive learning methods as if you were all in the same room at the same time.  Limited in time and focused on a specific topic, these sessions are meant to address narrow, specific topics quickly and efficiently.  At the end, the webinar can also be “saved and served” for those who could not make the live presentation.
  • Instructor-Led Online Learning: Here the course takes place over many weeks with students offered information and interaction similar to an online college course.  Students interact with each other and the instructor, complete assignments, prepare position papers and compare notes with each other to expand knowledge, skills and abilities regarding the topic.  Webinar technology may also be offered in live sessions with the instructor and other students.
  • Blended Technology Learning: In this method, combinations of these three may be employed, and even combined with live presentations when possible.

You may want to learn how to better use these technologies in the future in your own agency or jurisdiction.  We plan to offer “techniques” courses to teach you how to utilize this effective approach to training and education of police officers, supervisors and management personnel.

Our IPES Online Instructional Designers began public safety online learning in 1996 for a worldwide audience and have decades of experience in the global policing arena!

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