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World Police Encyclopedia

Dilip Das Ph.D.
Editor in chief, World Police Encyclopedia
President, International Police Executive Symposium, IPES

The World Police Encyclopedia is the definitive reference source on the more durable aspects of police forces around the world. It contains articles on police systems for each of the United Nations member countries plus Switzerland and Taiwan, and Interpol, Europol, Civpol, and the European Union. The two-volume work contains 195 entries. For each country, content includes:

  • Background Material – summarizing population data, noting racial/ethnic divisions, languages, religions, per capita income, and major economic activities
  • Contextual Features – specifying the political and the criminal justice system
  • Police Profile – detailing a police force’s composition, organization, functions, training, firearm use, and accountability
  • Police Education – noting police education, research and publications

The intention is to produce an essential resource that is reliable for checking facts and a solid starting point for wider exploration. It serves:

  • Police professionals seeking specific information on practices in other countries
  • Policy makers looking for guidance in creating appropriate policing structures
  • National and international organizations fostering cooperation among policing jurisdictions
  • Scholars, whether students, writers, or researchers, seeking a better understanding of the various policing structures worldwide
  • Teachers seeking a distillation of research that has taken place outside their own specialty
  • The general public with an interest in police methods and practices

Entries for the encyclopedia were collected currently by Associate Editors who have been assigned geographically. Parties interested in contributing to the encyclopedia or for questions of substantive content, e-mail Dilip K. Das at