The International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) brings police researchers and practitioners together to facilitate cross-cultural, international and interdisciplinary exchanges for the enrichment of the policing profession. It encourages discussions and writing on challenging topics of contemporary importance through an array of initiatives including conferences and publications.

Police Practice and Research: An International Journal (PPR)

Dilip Das (Editor in chief)

Aims and scope
Police Practice and Research (PPR) is associated with the International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) PPR is a peer-reviewed, international journal that presents current and innovative academic police research as well as operational and administrative police practices from around the world. Manuscripts are sought from practitioners, researchers and others interested in developments in policing, analysis of public order, and the state of safety as it affects the qua1ity of life everywhere. The journal seeks to bridge the gap in knowledge that exists regarding who the police are, what they do, and how they maintain order, administer laws, and serve their communities in the world. Attention will also be focused on specific organizational information about the police in different countries and regions of the universe. PPR publishes special issues on various topics of interest. Proposals for such issues are always welcome. The best papers presented at the Annual Meetings of IPES are also published in a special issue A specific goal of the editors is to improve cooperation between those who are active in the field and those who are involved in academic research, as such a relationship is essential for innovative police work. To this end, the editors encourage the submission of manuscripts co-authored by police practitioners and researchers that will highlight a particular subject from both points of view.