The International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) brings police researchers and practitioners together to facilitate cross-cultural, international and interdisciplinary exchanges for the enrichment of the policing profession. It encourages discussions and writing on challenging topics of contemporary importance through an array of initiatives including conferences and publications.

Institutional Supporters

The International Police Executive Symposium, IPES, is a registered not-for-profit educational corporation for the encouragement of police educational endeavors and providing professional service to the police of the world. IPES is in Special Consultative Status with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. It relies on the assistance of institutional supporters to carry out its mission.

Institutional supporters are encouraged to be active participants in the IPES, contributing to its policies and programs. The IPES offers institutional supporters a spectrum of services, from providing police education solutions to executing training courses.

Institutional supporters are part of the IPES’ global network of criminal justice elites: A large and diverse multinational group represented by influential police policy makers, high-ranking practitioners and scholars at top academic institutions who initiate and advance the activities of the IPES.

For an annual fee of US $400.00, institutional supporters receive:

  • Full access to the informational resources and professional global contacts of the IPES
  • Invitation to the IPES annual meetings
  • Free accommodations and hospitality at IPES annual meetings at discounted rates
  • Six issues of Police Practice and Research: An International Journal (PPR)
    (Free Annual subscription)
  • Free copies of IPES publications which include official brochures, executive summaries, and the books with the papers presented at each meeting (a unique collection of papers with global perspectives) if they participate in the books
  • Representation of IPES at the meetings of the United Nations

For all inquiries about Institutional Supporter issues, please contact:

Paul Moore, IPES Treasurer / Secretary
Post Office Box 1611
Monroe, Louisiana 71294, USA
(318) 322-5300

Potential Institutional Supporters may also contact IPES President, Dr. Dilip Das, at

Find the complete application form below. Please submit it along with payment:

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